The center icon is Russian and painted around 1890 in the Pskov area.  To the right is a new gold guilded icon of Nino, the Patron saint of Georgia. She brought the Christian religion to Georgia in the 8th century.  To the right is a Russian icon of Alexander Nevsky painted in the Pskov area around mid-1800s.  Alexander Nevsky defeated the German Teutonic knights at the battle of lake Peipsi on April 5, 1242.  He was instrumental in reawakening Russian nationalism at the time the country's principalities were vassals of the Mongols. 

During the 13 years (1993- 2006) I spent residing and working in Tallinn, Estonia and Tbilisi, Georgia, I realized how much these two countries are still impacted by their experience in the Second World War.  No matter where I traveled there were always reminders of the war.                                                                                                                                                          
This website reflects some of the memorials and events associated with this war and delineates some of the war time awards and decorations I collected.  A more detailed discussion of Soviet decorations and war memorials can be found in my other website located at:

In addition, this website also shares some of my experiences of living in Tbilisi, Georgia for over a decade and my impression of the warm and wonderful people of that country.
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