Alexander Nevsky


This order was established on July 29, 1942, and was named after the famous Russian warrior prince of the 13th century who defeated the invading Swedes and Germans. This order given to platoon commanders up to divisional commanders for outstanding combat leadership and personal valor during WW II, and to combat units.   Approximately 44,000 of these orders were awarded during WW II. 

This order, like many other Soviet orders, was initially manufactured with a silver attachment bearing a red ribbon.   Only 2,700 of these early ribbon orders were manufactured prior to a 1943 conversion to a screw type attachment.



The recipient of this order, No. 1029, was a highly decorated officer of the Red Army judging from all the medals listed in his order book on the left photo.

Metal content:     .04 grams of gold and 38.2 grams of sliver. 
Serial number:    1029

Year of issue:       1942

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