Estonian Memorial



                                                                         Estonian  Army Cross                 

                                   "True to a Free Estonia Until Death"                                Fallen Estonian soldiers 
Above are the graves and monuments of the Estonian heroes who died in the defense of Estonia during the country's War of Independence (1918 - 1920).   Buried under the blanket of snow are also Estonian soldiers and sailors who fought against the Red Army during the Second World War.

(Blue Mountain Cross)

This is the original wooden cross and the rusting German helmet put up after Estonia obtained her freedom from the USSR in 1991, commemorating the bloody battles at the Narva front in the fall of 1944. The outmanned and outgunned Estonian troops had no chance to hold back the massive Red Army, but they fought to show the world that the Red Army was not welcome in Estonia. This cross has now been replaced with one made of iron.  The rusting German helmet on the rock was found in a trench and bears a massive hole on its side.

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