Labor Medals

                                                                         MEDAL FOR VALIANT LABOR

This medal was established on 1938 and was awarded to individuals who accomplished distinguished achievements in the fied of labor. Approximately 8,000 were awarded prior to 1941 and approximately 50,000 were awarded during the Great Patriotic War.  In total, over 2,000,000 had been awarded up to 1991. These medals came in two variation: with the screw post and with the 5-sided suspension with its unique ribbon. On the reverse side wa written "Labor for USSR -  with honor".    The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals, Paul McDaniel and Paul J. Schmitt. 

The medal is made of silver.
The medal For Valiant Labor, No. 8077 above, is an early version with a triangular suspension which has a brass screw post and a silver screw plate.  The number 8077 is preceded by a script "No" which is not used on later versions.


Number 29176 is written on the bottom of the document booklet and stamped on the reverse side of the medal in this 1944 version of the award.

After the war, hundreds of thousands of these medals were handed out during reconstruction of the damaged USSR without being numbered.  The cover of the 1944 version of the medal certificate is specific to the Medal of Valiant Labor, while the 1950 version is a general certificate with the type of medal written in the second page as shown above. 

      Metal content:         21 grams of silver
      Serial number:         8077         29176      60396    

      Year of issue:                            1944


                                                       MEDAL FOR DISTINGUISHED LABOR

This medal was established in 1938 and is awarded for distinguished achievements in labor. Approximately 11,000 were issued prior to 1941, 44,000 during the war, and over 2,000,000 were issued by the end of the USSR in 1991.  This medal is made of silver. 

The Medal for Distinguished Labor, No. 19455, is an early version that was awarded during the Great Patriotic War.  Note that the recipient had wrapped the red ribbon in plastic to protect it.  The motto in the front of the medal reads: "For Distinguished labor" .   The motto on the reverse side reads: "Labor in the USSR - Matter of Honor".

A common occurrence with these medals was the fading of the ribbon on the front side of the suspension while the sections of the ribbon on the reverse side retained its normal color as depicted in medal. No. 49185, above.
   Metal content:         15.6 grams of silver
   Serial number:         19455    49185    no number       

   Year of issue:                            

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