Medal for Bravery

The Medal for Bravery was established on October 17, 1938, and is issued for combat bravery. Prior to the Great Patriotic War approximately 26,000 medals were issued.  Over 4 million medals were issued during the Great Patriotic War, and approximately 4,5 million has been awarded by 1991.  The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals (page 210), Paul McDaniel and Paul J. Schmitt. 

The first version of the medal was produced with a small rectangular suspension containing a red ribbon.  The medal was switched to 5-sided suspension in 1943 with its unique ribbon.  These medals were numbered and issued with a certificate booklet.  Many of these medals were handed out without a number or certificate.

No. 73590 above is the early pre-1943 version of the medal attached with a screw post and plate.  The 1943 versions were attached with a spring pin as shown below.

The medal above, No. 1441802, is a 1943 version with a five-sided suspension and a distinctive ribbon.  The red enamel in the stamped lettering has worn off which was often the case since the recipients worn these medal in combat.  The medal document above shows that the medal was awarded in 1944.

This medal No. 754459 is in pristine condition because it is a duplicate as identified by the small Russian letter "Д" stamped in the middle of the reverse side.   Duplicates were issued to those military personnel
who had lost their original medals.  Duplicate medals are quite rare.

      Metal content:         25.8 grams of silver
      Serial number:       73590   764459  1441802   1627625   1974781    

      Year of issue:            

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