Medal for Combat Service

The Medal For Combat Service was established in 1938.  Over five million medals had been issued by the time the USSR dissolved in 1991.

The first version of the medal was produced with a small rectangular suspension containing a red ribbon.  The medal was switched to 5-sided suspension in 1943 with a unique ribbon.  These medals were numbered and issued with a certificate booklet.  Many of these medals were handed out without a number or certificate.

                                                            The early versions of this medal would have a script "No" as above, instead of just a stamped number.  

                                              Medal For Combat Service, No. 2031664

                                          Certificate of Medal issued for No. 2031664 above.

        Metal content:         18.2 grams of silver
        Serial number:        4    8248     87346      201217   377544   1102731*   2031664       

        Year of issue:           ?   
1942    1942         1943      1943         1944           1945

        * Received by Hero of USSR

        I suspect # 4 may be a fake. 

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