Military Medals

                                                20TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WORKERS AND PEASANTS ARMY

This medal was established in 1938 and was given to all the veterans who served on the side of the Reds during the civil war. Almost all these medals were attached to a five-sided suspension after June 1943, and very few medals with original suspensions as below exist.  This medal was only issued in 1938. Approximately 37,000 were awarded.   The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals (page 330), Paul McDaniel and Paul J. Schmitt. 


This is a rare item because of its completeness.  Note that the document number 19005 matches the number stamped on the original issue screw plate, and the document came with a photograph.  Since the recipient was an air force colonel in 1938 when he received the medal, chances are that he may not have survived Stalin's purges of the military during that period.  

                                                     Post June 1943 version

metal content:       .01 grams of gold,  15.6 grams of silver

Serial number:      19005

Year of issue:         1938

                                                                          USHAKOV MEDAL

This medal was established in 1944 and was issued to non-officer ranks who participated in the Great Patriotic War.  Approximately 15,000 of these medals were issued by the demise of the USSR 1991.

           The anchor is a separate piece soldered to the medal.
           Certificate of Medal booklet for Ushakov Medal No. 11674.
            metal content:       31.8 grams of silver

            Serial number:      11674

            Year of issue:         1945

                                                                               PARTISAN MEDALS

The partisan medals came in two versions, silver for 1st class and bronze for 2nd.  They were established in 1943 and were awarded  to those who were members of the partisan units during the Great Patriotic War.  These medals were not numbered as those above.  More than 56,000 1st class medals were issued and 70,000 second class.  The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals, Paul McDaniel and Paul J. Schmitt. 

The front motto says: "Partisans of the Great Patriotic War". The reverse side says:  "For our Soviet    
Motherland".  The second class medal is the exact duplicate of the 1st class except that it is made of
bronze instead of silver.  The 1st class medal is made of 20.8 grams of silver.

                                                             DISTINGUISHED BORDER GUARD MEDAL 
This medal was establish in 1950 and is awarded to border guards for distinguished performance of their duties.  This medal is not numbered, but is issued with a certificate booklet which lists the name of the recipient.  

                   The reverse of the medal says:  "For distinguished protection of the state borders".  

The Partisan Medal recipients received a certificate booklet that was unique to this medal.   The title on the cover reads "For Outstanding Protection of Government Borders".

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