October Revolution

                                                                  ORDER OF OCTOBER REVOLUTION

This order was established in 1967 as an award for a variety of actions strengthening Soviet power and image. Both civilians and military personnel, as well as units, qualified for this order. Approximately, 110,000 of these orders have been issued prior to the demise of the USSR in 1991.  The order is constructed of silver overlaid with enamel. The hammer and sickle insignia is of gold plated silver.  The image on the Order represents the old Russian battleship the Aurora which played a pivotal part in the october revolution of 1917.  I consider this Order the most distinguished of all Soviet orders.

Order of the October Revolution, No. 7257.  On the left side it says: "documentation without photograph".  It is quite rare to find photographs with the documentations.

Metal content:     .21 grams of gold and 27.5 grams of sliver. 
Serial number:    7257

Year of issue:      1971

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