Order of Glory

                                                                        ORDER OF GLORY

The Order of Glory was established in November 8, 1943 and was awarded for gallantry in combat.  By enlisted men and junior Air Force officers.  The Order of Glory comes in three classes:  1st (solid gold); 2nd (solid silver with gold-plated Kremlin emblem; and 3rd, solid silver. As of 1989, a total of 2,620 people have been awarded the 1st class,  46,473 the 2nd class, and 997,815 the 3rd class (page 190, The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals).  The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals, Paul McDaniel and Paul J. Schmitt. 

The recipient of this set was awarded with both the 2nd class and the 3rd class of the Order of Glory.  The 2nd Order, No. 15023, shows the gold gilt on the central medallion. The all silver 3rd class is numbered 175135.  The recipient of this set replaced the ribbons with a plastic facsimile.  The word "CLABA" in Russian means glory.

                                           The 3rd class order, No. 732033, with order book.

Metal content:     2nd class:  .03 grams of gold  20.3 grams of sliver. 3rd class:  20.6 grams of silver
Serial number:    15,023 (2nd cl)*       16658       175135*    732033

Year of issue:          1943                     1943         1944          1947  

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