Order of the Red Star


This order was established on April 6, 1930 and was issued for distinguished defense of the USSR. Prior to WW II, this order was awarded only 21,500 times and during the war it was issued 2,860,000 times.  By 1991, at the time the USSR dissolved, over 4 million Red Stars had been issued. The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals, Paul McDaniel and Paul J. Schmitt. 

The order is made of solid silver and the arms of the star are covered in red enamel.  The center medallions contains a relief of a soldier holding a rife with a bayonet.  Surrounding the soldier is the slogan "Workers of the World Unite".



The logo around the soldier, on Order No. 1594124 above,  says: "Workers of the world unite". The original screw plate attaching the order was made of silver, as above.  Later ones were of steel..  

                                                             Order No. 197218

The reverse of an order, No. 24814, with three rivets attaching the medallion to the star is one of the earliest and most rare of the Order. 

metal content:       27 grams of silver

Serial number:      24814     197218    1594124

Year of issue:         1941        1943        1944

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