Red Army Oath



Soon after the German invasion of June 22, 1941, all servicemen in the Red Army swore this oath of allegiance and set in motion the most disastrous conflict in European history.   The oath reads: 

                                                                               War Oath of Allegiance

I, a Citizen of the USSR, entering the staff of the Red Army of Workers and Peasants', am taking the oath and solemnly swear to be an honest, well-disciplined, vigilant warrior; strictly protect the military and national secrets, implicitly abide by the military regulations and orders of commanders, commissars and all my superiors.

I swear to conscientiously study the military law, implicitly safeguard the military and national property and till the last breadth of my life be devoted to my people, to the Soviet Motherland and the Government of Workers and Peasants. 

I am always ready to defend my Motherland - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics at the behest of Workers and Peasants Government and as a Workerss and Peasants Red Army serviceman I swear to defend it courageously, skillfully, with dignity and honor, not sparing my blood or entire life in order to achieve overalll victory over our enemies.

If for some evil intentions I violate this herein-solemn oath, let the Soviet Law, nationwide hatred and contempt of all the workers strictly punish me.

Rank, Technical Staff
Name, Alexander Iosifovich Shakov
Title of Unit, Department, Institution - Unit 571
28, July 1941

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