Red Banner of Labor

                                                              ORDER OF THE RED BANNER OF LABOR

This is the second oldest order of the USSR next to the Order of the Red Banner.  This order was established on September 7, 1928 and is awarded for outstanding labor contributions. Approximately 8,000 Orders of the Red Banner of Labor were issued prior to the Great Patriotic War and about 30,000 were issued during the war.  In total, the Order was awarded over 1,260,000 times by the demise of the USSR in 1991. The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals, Paul McDaniel and Paul J. Schmitt. 

What is unique about this early version Order of the Red Banner of Labor, No. 7492, is that the master craftsman put his (or her) initials "PE" on the bottom left corner of the Order.   These initials were written on some early orders at a time when the masters took great pride in their work, before the orders were mass produced during the war and subsequently. This Order also was constructed of two sections joined together by eight bolts.

Subsequent to June 1943, the Order was attached to a five-side suspension with its own unique blue ribbon. The Order, No, 124447, above has the two sections fastened with three bolts instead of eight.

Order No. 458447 above was the final version of this medal and was manufactured from 1966 to 1991.

Metal content:     .05 grams of gold, 33.2 grams of silver
Serial number:           7,492(screw)       124447        458447  

Year of issue:               1939                   1950            1966

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