Soviet Badges


                                                            COMMUNIST PARTY CONGRESS BADGES

These gold-plated silver badges were handed out to the people attending the party congress in Moscow.

                                                                                     USSR ANNIVERSARY BADGES

These gold-plated silver badges were issued during the 50th and 60th anniversaries of the USSR.  The badge issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary is a heavier model than the one issued for the subsequent decade. 


This badge was awarded to those who worked to promote revolutions to free the “enslaved” peoples of the world from colonial oppressors.  These badges are known as the “МОПР” (MOPR) badges.  This acronym in Russian stands for International Organization for Assistance Revolutionary Fighters.  The solid silver badge is unusual for several reasons.  The Name of the recipient is engraved on the reverse side for active support to the revolutionaries during the ten year period of 1922 to 1932.  This substantial silver badge also has silver proof marks and the silversmith's mark on the bottom left side. This badge is about 1/8 of an inch thick.
                                                   NAVIGATOR & BOMBARDIER SCHOOL BADGE

This badge was established in 1938.


This badge commemorates the joint Soviet and Mongolian conflict against the Japanese in 1939 along the Halhingol river. Interesting aspect of this badge is that the text is not written in Russian cyrillic alphabet. This the battle where Giorgi Zhukov made his initila reputation as a great military leader.

                                                                                      NKVD FIREMAN'S BADGE

This badge was established in 1940 and came in two variation: silver and bronze.  The substantial badge above is of solid silver with appropriate silver and silversmith's marks at the bottom of the reverse side as shown in the photos above.  The badge has a No. 9 engraved on the reverse side.  At that time, the fire department was under the authority of the NKVD. NKVD stands for: The Peoples Commissariat for Internal Affairs. 

                                                                         EXCURSION TO ISLAND OF WRANGEL BADGE


This rare badge was awarded to those who participated in the 1924 excursion to the arctic island of Wrangel.  This exquisite silver and gold badge is an example of the outstanding craftsmanship of the Soviet artists of the period.  This badge is in excellent condition and very rare because few were issued.  The badge was established in 1932.


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