State Premium Medal


This solid gold State Premium Medal, first class, No. 1168, is a unique award since it is the result of the de-Stalinization program of 1953.   Second class medals were issued in silver.

The recipient originally received a gold medal with Stalin's relief on in 1947 it for designing the backdrop of the Bolshoi theater.   However, he had to return the Stalin medal and the original diploma to the government and received the gold medal in return, but not a diploma.  In 1962, he was issued a replacement diploma (above), but the number of the medal does not match the diploma.  This is quite common for the medals of this era.  The Soviet government subsequently changed the gold medal again and reduced its gold content. 

The medal consists of 23 K gold and the suspension is pure silver.

Metal content:      8.9 grams of gold and 8.1 grams of sliver.                                                                             

Serial number:   1168

Year of issue:     1953

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